The Opladen Way

During my family’s recent move to Bracknell I, as a fan of non-league football, decided to take in a Bracknell Town match (a 2-2 League Cup draw with local rivals Binfield if you’re interested). I was also trying to pick a Bundesliga side to follow as I was really starting to get into German football. Then, lo and behold, as I next drove into Bracknell and passed the “Welcome to Bracknell” sign, I noticed a little sentence that stated that the Berkshire town was twinned with Leverkusen in Germany. Perfect!

As for Opladen, that is a suburb of Leverkusen which was Bracknell’s original twin town. When it was absorbed by Leverkusen, they kept the twinning active. The main road through the area of Crown Wood in Bracknell – the area to which we have relocated – is called Opladen Way. And so this site was born!

Thanks for reading that, and for visiting the site!


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